AIO File Manager APK Latest Version 1.8 2018 (The Best File Manager APK)

AIO File Manger:

This is one of the best file manager app for Android Users Available now a days. This app allows you to manage your files, documents, videos, mp3 and apps in a more efficient and effective way. This app is basically designed for Android users because Android users face some problems while managing their files in their smart phones. AIO File Manager provide some of the best and unique features to Android users.

About AIO File Manager:

Android users rate this app 3.7 in play store. Most of the android apps are rated 4 plus but this is also one of the most popular app among Android users. This app got 1191 reviews. More than 702 users rated this app 5 star. Installs of this app are about 100000 to 500000. This app is present In tool category of play store.

Additional Information About AIO File Manager:

The following is some additional information about the app.

  • The current and latest version of AIO File Manager is 1.8 available for Android users now a days.
  • This app was last updated on Oct 31 2017 and added some new features for its users.
  • The size of this APK Is N/A.
  • This app was developed and designed by AIO Team for Android and Tablet users to manage their files effectively and efficiently.
  • This app is placed in Free Tools App for Android users in Play Store.
  • Everyone can rate this app in play store to share their feed back after downloading and using this File Manager app.
  • This APK is supported by Android 16 and above versions from Android 16.
  • There are 7 versions of AIO File Mangers for Android users available now a days in the play store.

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