Dxracer Gaming Desk

Different gamers have different desk setups according to their gaming nature like action, arcade, shooter & adventure etc. Some gamers want a responsive design desk to play different games easily. It’s not a bad idea. There are many such gaming desks available in the market but here we’ll talk about Dxracer Gaming Desk and its specs.

Dxracer Gaming Desk:

Dxracer desk believes in responsive design and it builds the design exactly what a gamer wants. So therefore everyone loves to use Dxracer desk. Cable management is one the cool features of this gaming desk because today unmanaged wires are the biggest problem for every pc user.

Dxracer Gaming Desk Specs: 

This desk has 4 holes that can be use for managing the cables. You can run your cables through it. After managing cables you can clearly see a neat and clean desk and you’ll be happy after seeing such a beautiful desk. A clean desk means more space for your gaming equipments. When you start setting up the wires you’ll understand how to run the wires through the holes so you can easily do that. Now your main problem is solved and let’s checks out the other cool features of this desk.

The desk front measurement is 47.3″ x 31.5″. That means you can easily keep 2 monitors of small sizes or 1 big monitor. And as usual keyboard, mouse, speakers and your gaming CDs. Dxracer desk has a wood surface and you’ll experience a straight front desk. But company has design this wood desk according to users demand. The designs are amazing and you’ll be confused which design to buy.

Besides this, the desk has plastic structure and the legs have steel roads. With such amazing stuff, the gaming desk has a strong structure and it’s heavy as well. Approximately its weight is 83 LBs but it is strong enough to handle your gaming equipments easil.

All of us experience the falling things from back end of our desk. And we all know that’s not good it gives us problem. So the Dxracer desk contains a structure which is up from the back end of the front. This structure is made to prevent things from falling down. So this could be the boost that this company is standing one of the hottest companies. I know this features also gives you some kind of boost that this desk is specially made for you.


  • Have Quality materials.
  • Usable space is enough.
  • Good measurement.
  • Best cable management.


  • Less color options.
  • Limited effect of “Raised perimeter”.
  • Heavy weight round about 83 LBS.

With the Ddxracer gaming desk, every pc user forgets out the every problem which a normal desk user faces when he sits in front of his pc. This desk a friendly environment to gamer to play games with relax mind and without any interacts. You’ll experience the best feeling from day one. Keep the necessary things on your desk that are must for you try not to keep cold drinks on your desk as because it is dangerous for your pc.

So these were the specs of Dxracer gaming desk. Everyone wants affordable things with best quality. So the company knows what users are looking for and try to provide the best quality with fewer prices. So if you are thinking to buy this desk, then you are thinking right. You can purchase it online of offline but I suggest you to buy it from online as this is easiest way of purchasing things from your home. So order now this desk and enjoy the gaming to a whole new level.

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